Learn new abilities

David Rolland
May 24, 2014 · 1 min read

Well it seems I’m giving in a go for a second day to the idea machine practice. This time I tried to think of new abilities or activities I would like to learn or develop for myself. For some of them I might never get to the first step of seeing how it can be accomplished but I hope to take the time to try a couple of them in the next year and even more until I’m too old for this !

Without waiting more, here is the list:

  • Learn to play music on a string instrument (guitar, ukulele)
  • Learn a non-Latin/Germanic language
  • Learn paragliding in solo
  • Learn to juggle (with at least three objects)
  • Learn to whistle loudly
  • Learn to build small-scale models of sail boat (which can float)
  • Learn to fly a kite
  • Learn a typing method to improve my typing skills
  • Learn to braid leaves
  • Learn to fry food in oil
  • Learn to create a small insectarium/vivarium
  • Learn to practice aikido/jeet-kun-do

Idea machine

This is where I’ll put the results of my experiment at becoming an idea machine.

    David Rolland
    Idea machine
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