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Creative Conversations at IDEALab

We are now nearly a third of the way through our first fellowship cohort and we have had a great kickoff to Creative Conversations! We launched the series with Adam Huttler in April. Adam spoke to our group about Exponential Creativity Ventures, startup values and mission driven entrepreneurship and more. Our fellows each had the opportunity to talk about their projects, their values, and what gives fuel to their fire.

Last night we had a double Dan night. Daniel Temkin and Daniel Gorelick leading our creative conversation with the fellows.

Daniel Temkin leading a Creative Conversation with the IDEALab Fellows (from left to right) Charity Everett, Barak Chamo, Bayeté Ross Smith and Jhernie Evangelista.

Daniel Temkin spoke to us about his creative practice, how important the concepts of esoteric constructions were for how he approached code, aesthetics and audience. I’m always blown away by how effortless he makes it look to take complex and abstract ideas and presents them so that audiences can immediately have a straightforward emotional connection. Hearing about the process in creating “Glitchometry”,Dither Studies” and “Straightened Trees” was illuminating for all of us. In the midst of the messy creative process, we all hope we can follow an idea to such a beautiful presentation as Daniel has with his work.

Daniel Tempkin showing Dither Studies at the IDEALab, Charity Everett, (IDEA Fellow) to his right. 5/24/18

Daniel Temkin used to live in New Rochelle, and it was great to have him see the community that he has been inspiring all over the world back in his old stomping grounds. He is currently in the same cohort as I am at NEW INC and it was a unique opportunity to hear about his work and invite him to the new residency space.

Charity Everett showing her project Go Back and Fetch It to Daniel Gorelick (right) and Daniel Temkin (left).

Daniel Gorelick, is an incredible creative technologist with his own unique connection to New Rochelle. He was on a very diverse and creative team that helped with the new interactive kiosks that will be installed in and around our downtown. Some of my favorite projects of his are “Counterpoint”, “Venmo Strips” and drawing maps with robots at the “St Louis Maproom”.

Tony Patrick sharing his project White Paper with Daniel Gorelick and the fellow group.

Daniel also represented the fellowship we are both alumni of HackNY. He is part of a HackNY Alumni initiative to help connect past and present fellows of HackNY to donate their skills and time to projects with strong social impact: HackNY for Good. He will be inviting our fellows to present to HackNY on June 7th to pair them with other amazing tech talent to help jump start some of the technical aspects of their projects.

Right to Left: Barak Chamo, Charity Everett, Tony Patrick, Laura Mun and Daniel Gorelick. In-between talks we check out some of our favorite VR Experiences, here Daniel Gorelick is in the VR Experience: Chocolate by Tyler Hurd. (This photo was taken by May Finstad, our IDEA Fellowship Director).

We have a lot of wonderful people coming to speak in the next few weeks: Tommy Payne, David Huerta, Rena Anakwe, Matthew Gantt, Kat Sullivan, Stina Hamlin, Joelle Fleurantin and more.

If you would like to participate in our next Creative Conversation or lead one please send us your interest in this google form, and we will send you an email invite. Creative Conversations are intimate gathering and we have a small cap on how many people we can host, so be sure to RSVP quickly. We hope to see you at our next Creative Conversation.

IDEALab is a live/work residency and fellowship program in the train station of New Rochelle, NY created by IDEA New Rochelle a project of the New Rochelle Downtown BID and the City of New Rochelle. We bring together creative technologists with leaders in the field of emerging technology and work with partners to support community led projects in the city of New Rochelle.

Late night but we made it back to Grand Central in time to see the stars. Daniel Gorelick and Brian McCorkle (IDEALab Fellow)



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