Is late too late?

its after midnight. sounds too familiar? got home from a late client rebranding meeting. had 90 minutes for…and here i am again. Second post.

it’s never too late*

Just do it! no need of rebranding, great motivational line. At the same time, many years have passed and the interpretation might have changed. Or other brands have caught up with their game.

The wife says “i don’t remember the last time you brought flowers” now that it’s been said out-loud — is it easier or even harder.

Too late just got a bit unpleasant or did it..once you do it? Never too late to love!

So which one is it?

now or too late?

Getting shit done is like a cold beer on a hot summer night. Once you are in it, you gain additional reasons not to stop

……….after falling asleep for the millionth time, i ‘ve decided to get that lobg asked vaction.

We are all work in progress!

guess i’ll just continue tomorrow, happy at least to have started.

Good night folks!

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