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Independent podcast production house and consultancy, Maed in India and the fastest-growing podcast company, Ideabrew Studios have signed a strategic partnership for monetization, content creation and brand solutions.

Mumbai, March 05, 2021.

With the massive growth in India’s podcasting ecosystem that saw podcast listeners grow to over 50 million in 2020, podcasts are now primed to be monetised and well placed to work with brands cohesively in 2021. With this aim, Maed in India and Ideabrew Studios have announced a strategic partnership to grow the space and create opportunities that will give brands a differentiated media platform to communicate in new ways with a dedicated listenership. With Maed in India’s tailor-made creative podcast solutions and Ideabrew Studios two decades of media sales and marketing experience, this dynamic union will take the podcast industry to the next level, making it vital media real estate.

Speaking about the partnership, Mae Mariyam Thomas, co-founder and host of Maed in India, said, “This is a move the podcast industry has been waiting for. We are combining the best audio creative capabilities with the best monetization and brand integration solutions. Our mission is to explore the unexplored in podcasting and cover new ground in the coming years. We are going to be a force to reckon with.”

Since inception, Maed in India podcast has risen steadily to be among India’s top shows and is a regular fixture at the top of most podcast charts. Every year, the show focuses on some key topics, occasions and issues to highlight indie music creators. Their most recent initiative is the Ladies Special in March, sponsored by audio tech brand, Shure.

The Ladies Special started in 2019, where every year as part of a Women’s Day Special in March, Maed in India features incredible women who are talented artists paving the way with their music and tenacity. Maed in India’s commitment to music discovery continues in March 2021 diving into uncharted depths of the independent music space to bring the best new and upcoming talent in this country. Digging through all the indie music releases in 2020, we selected 10 incredibly talented young women to join us on our return to the studio for the first time since February 2020–10 musicians, 10 conversations and 10 songs.

“This partnership paves the way for true monetization to start in the Indian podcasting space,” said Aditya Kuber, co-founder and CEO of Ideabrew Studios. “We are excited that we are generating true value for podcasters and will be able to offer brands a great opportunity to reach the podcast audience,” he added.

About Maed in India

Maed in India is a podcast production company and consultancy that provides an end-to-end solution to creating audio content. From idea generation, developing concepts/show formats, planning, production, post-production, as well as distribution of the show on all audio streaming platforms. We are a boutique audio content creation agency that looks at making shows that have impact and truly satiate a hungry listening audience. Our approach is to build communities, be creatively bold, and nurture voices that are under-represented in society. Our hope is not just to entertain and inform but to enlighten.

About Ideabrew Studios

Ideabrew Studios was founded as a podcast creation, aggregation, distribution and monetization outfit. Already home to over 50 podcasts across various genres and languages, the company also runs, a dedicated podcast platform. With a combined delivery of nearly 2 million plays per month, the company is working actively with major advertisers and agencies to offer brand solutions and monetization opportunities.




We are a podcast creation, aggregation, distribution and monetisation company. We work with some of the biggest podcast and audio creators from India. Join us as we craft the story of Indian podcasting.

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