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Did you get it???

When NPM came around: reception pretty bad! 🤣😂

NPM (originally short for Node Package Manager) is probably one of the largest package repository of the world. Search for any package, and most likely they are on NPM. TensorFlow.js, by Google Brain, is there, If NPM is good enough for the Google Brain, it is good enough for me!🤗😊😉

After becoming a superprof at Superprof, they ask you a couple of questions, as so the students can know you better. When asked about the past and next revolution in technology, I have answered:

Third-party packages!

Independently if NPM will lead the way, now we have also Yarn to be fair, third-party packages will be the answer. The importance of collaboration in coding was clear from deep learning, which taught us an important lesson about sharing codes.

Let me tell more about me, as so you may understand from where comes my admiration to NPM.😉

My story

I have started coding in Java. I was very proud to build my own packages, and “do not reinvent the wheels”, heard for the first time on Deitel’s book, was an “opinion opened for consideration”. During my master’s degree, I have build a whole package for molecular dynamics in Java, no regret, just for not having them here with me; GitHub was not around as it is today! See that GitHub and NPM walks hand-to-hand, two big revolutions on computer programming! For you to have any idea, some scientific journals put GitHub repositories as mandatory for publishing.

NPM and GitHub, foxy! .Photo by Dave Goudreau on Unsplash

Final remarks

My own concern is that programmers should be more careful with their packages, and treat them as a scientific publication; not talking about the big dogs, such as TensoFlow.js, PassportJS or Mongoose. Our biggest challenge will to solve one of the commonest headaches we face: dependencies! and it can be annoying, quite annoying. See that they solved problems in the past, such as creating package.json, and other options to make sure the dependencies will not mess up the whole application. We can do it, coders!

Photo by Marie-Hélène Rots on Unsplash



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