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FindOne in Firebase

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One issue I have faced with Firebase is that most of the online tutorials do not seem to work with Angular; Firebase changed recently, for the better! Now it was integrated into Angular, and the functions became easier to use! I am still learning, but anxious to contribute! 🤗🤗

Here goes my humble contribution on progress. I was inspired by Mongoose.


You must have Firebase in Angular.

Step 1: install ideacodinglab

npm i ideacodinglab

Important. using “firebase”: “⁷.0 || ^8.0”

Step 2: import the package into your component

Pick the component you want to have the single document from Firebase, for me it is a card that the user can click, see here.

I am using on my latest app, when you click on “share”, it goes on Firebase, and pick just the document for the card you have selected, for sharing on social media. See here a live app. See here a live card, after using the technique here.

That is all 🤗😎😎😍

Final remarks

I am building the NPM library. Even well-established libraries have bugs, I am not different. Just let me know if you face difficulties!

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Full package.json



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