“We believe deep learning and JavaScript belong together”, me too!😍🤗

Photo by Andres Molina on Unsplash

JavaScript is present easily to anyone, no maintenance

Integrating information can be easier

Final remarks

I will leave fuel for other articles, but I am quite excited about this marriage. Of course, just time can tell, as said Enya.

Q&A: based on online questions and comments

A weak typed language with deep learning, do not see it going well

First of all, I cannot see the correlation between deep learning and typed language, they are too different concepts, as I see it. One is artificial neural networks theory, machine learning theories. They are independent of what language you use, and suppose to; think them as pseudocodes, deep learning is an algorithm. Imagine a theory of machine learning that depends on the language, sounds useless to me, and this is not the case of deep learning.



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Jorge Guerra Pires, PhD

Jorge Guerra Pires, PhD

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