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Jorge Guerra Pires, PhD
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3 min readJul 3, 2022


More details coming soon, working on upcoming book on computational thinking.

What it is not about?

  • It is not a scientific peer boring review publication;

Some remarks

I have written “Why I will no longer submit to Towards Data Science”. We cannot predict the success of nothing, but if we succeed, I do believe we do not need to be “jerks”. I have written a book on peer-review process, a criticism against certain levels of rejections, which TDS seems to show. I do not want this on this publication, as editor, I can ensure you! Your intellect is appreciated, and no one should stop you! ☺ Be yourself, and change the world with words, and unique thoughts.

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Some basic rules

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Nonetheless, please:

  • Write something worth-reading;
  • Pay attention basically to the writing;
  • Make research, or prove the minimal expertise, please;

You may want to know

  • You keep control of the story even after the story accepted;
  • You can edit the story after publication, as many time as you wish;
  • I can help you on the writing process, making say a basic review (for this we need to talk, since I am going to invest time, and I generally charge for that);
  • No fee;
  • You can remove anytime;
  • The review process is superficial, this is not a long review process (hope to take at most weekday, aiming for one day at most);

More in the future

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Jorge Guerra Pires, PhD.

Top 0.1% Academia Edu for about weeks, 01/07/22

I have been working with computer programming and mathematical modeling applied to biological systems since my bachelor of Engineering.

Currently, I am an Independent Researcher and Member of the Center of Excellence for Research DEWS (University of L’Aquila, DISIM, Italy). Love writing and reading!

Short-bio: B.Eng by Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto (Brazil) in Production Engineering; double master degree by University of L’Aquila and Gdansk University of Technology: PhD on a collaboration between the Brazilian program Science without Borders in biomathematics at the University of L’Aquila/IASI-CNR/BioMathLab. Master of science and PhD degrees recognized in Brazil by University of São Paulo (USP) as bioinformatics. Postdoc by Federal University of Bahia and Fiocruz.

Feel free to join us, let me know and let’s talk! 🤗🤗



Jorge Guerra Pires, PhD
IdeaCoding Lab

Independent Researcher and writer at Amazon | “I want thinkers, not followers!” | More: https://linktr.ee/jorgeguerrapiresphd