From robot to purpose

My quest in recent years has been to find a way to operate from a different way of being, to shift consciousness.

Our world, our schooling, the companies we work for, our social expectations are driven around the concept “if the people think they never have enough or are never good enough it will drive the economy”. It’s driven around our ego.

Our schooling (or at least my experience in my environment) has us training to be robots, regurgitating facts and figures to build our skills as workers, as soldiers, as cogs in a system where being enslaved to debt and working in jobs that are not satisfying is the norm.

It’s highly interesting that regular reports are released now about the automation of the workforce, that 40% of the workforce could be replaced by robots in the next 5–10 years, and that the way we were taught when I was at school will be replaced by machines.

My journey and experience from a young age has been one of separation. The schooling system (and home environment) was not kind to someone who could not fit into that mould. My creativity and edge thinking was not encouraged or enabled.

As a child I did not realise who I was could be of benefit. As an adult my journey has been to reorganise and heal my insides, while at the same time opening my thinking and experiences to what the next step for society will be, and in a state of being that is aware, from a place of purpose, and connected to the whole.

Each step that I have taken in my journey to authenticity, to truly be the creative edge thinker that I am has also revealed a layer that needed to be healed, reorganised, realigned. Meditation, yoga and wellness have become important tools.

Systemic innovation is a theme for me. Building stuff that matters, has purpose and taps into our innate creativity — enabling consumers to become participants.

Over a year ago I undertook writing the book “Participation is the new Consumption” after successfully crowdfunding. I wrote 40,000 words that I could have turned into a book.

What this did do was unearth a layer of myself that I needed to process first. I had intended on writing a book of business insights, uncovering a perspective on the world that needed to be shared. The writing produced became a revisiting of the childhood that scarred. While that journey has given me the perspective to really unearth insight into systemic innovation and powering my passion for living my purpose, it’s not the purpose of the book, it’s not who I am now. Instead, it is powering who I am to become and the work that I will do.

I have never stopped thinking about writing and finishing this book, nor have I stopped my quest to turn these concepts and ideas into action.

With a renewed and much clearer energy to me, I look forward to what’s to come.

Stay tuned.

Sky is no limit to human potential
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