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January Inspiration

Miracles do happen! January 2021 was a great month so far!

IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency marks 21 years around the sun with a pack of creative surprises. We started our journey on 1st January 2000 and we never stopped dreaming and walking forward since that day. Thank you all for your trust and support!

See what we have accomplished all these years!

Photo by Areti Vassou

One idea started IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency 21 years ago. This year our anniversary celebrations will be held online amid the social distance restrictions. We are planning to throw an anniversary party in person when restrictions will be withdrawn. It’s going to be the party of the century!

IDEADECO Agency’s branding identity has evolved since the early years from a web design company into a marketing strategy and SEO copywriting agency. You know what they say, as years go by the work itself transforms you into your better version.

The success of IDEADECO is a testament to its people. We are proud to have a team of experts who are all leaders in their individual fields, working together to ensure that we fulfill our promise to deliver the best quality of services.

Photo by ARIAPR

New Collaboration With ARIAPR Agency in Greece

We are excited to announce our new collaboration with ARIAPR Agency in Greece. ARIAPR Agency was founded in 2012 by Ariadne Nikaki. We are so happy for being part of this amazing team.

ARIAPR is one of the largest Public Relations Agencies in Greece, managing premium brands & companies across different platforms and countries. Areti Vassou is wearing a new hat as the SEO Content Strategist in this established PR company.

ARIAPR Agency builds strategies with the right tactics to engage the client’s target audience. The Agency knows how to succeed in creating positive awareness, increased brand loyalty, reputation, consumer trust, sales, and business growth.

The company’s vision is based on integrity, quality, positivity, loyalty, discipline, teamwork, creativity, and transparency. The entire team aims to satisfy the client’s needs and business goals. Subsequently, upon achieving these goals, clients can expect quality and cost-effective services from a diverse, professional, and dedicated workforce.

Photo by Areti Vassou

My 2020 Extraordinary Story

by Areti Vassou

During 2020 I spent 304 days practicing how to play my favorite piece of music on the piano. This recording is my welcome salute to 2021… with music. The recording took place in a friendly house, in a friendly piano with a tail, holding my breath with every single note…

My 2020 story is imprinted through music notes.

This music excerpt is a part of Oltremare by Ludovico Einaudi.

Those who are familiar with the medical condition of rheumatoid arthritis know what it means and how it affects the body, the hands, and the legs… They will understand that this was a feat against the laws of nature. Those who have known me since the days I used to play the piano and cello (when I could) will get in my shoes in a completely different way. To the musicians out there: please be kind with my technical faults… I am only a human in love with music.

Sometimes extraordinary meets the ordinary and great moments & memories are made.

Photo by Areti Vassou

Ideadeco Blog Top Posts 2020

Although 2020 wasn’t a picnic for none of us, it seems that online reality has a different story to share. Social lockdown has driven us to use more our computers and do almost everything online. Ideadeco Blog Top Posts for 2020 was a surprise to us. It’s nice to see your work at the top of Google search engine results!

Ideadeco Blog is one major part of Ideadeco Agency. We provide SEO Copywriting & SEO Strategy for Luxury Brands but we decided to keep our blog under a casual voice that everyday bloggers & content creators use in their own blogs and vlogs. We prefer to be closer to the blogging community than doing what every other Marketing Agency is doing in the world.

Copywriting & Blogging Communities have a lot of similarities but they face different challenges. The only way to get a taste of what they really need is to walk a mile (or 1000 miles) into their shoes. And this is why Ideadeco Blog was the best decision we ever made since we started our Agency in 2000. Continue reading the article…

Photo by Areti Vassou

Do you want to read our top posts?

Here is a selection of our top 10 January posts:

Photo by Areti Vassou




We make ideas happen in the digital world of content creation, branding strategy, SEO copywriting and community building.

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Areti Vassou

Areti Vassou

Digital Strategy Director at Make Ideas Happen @ SEO Copywriting, Branding, Content Marketing, Social Media & Digital Marketing.

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