Uncovering the Common Thread

Quick… see if you can identify the brand’s behind these position statements:

  • Just Do It
  • Think Different
  • I’m Lovin’ It
  • Live Mas

What makes these brands easily identifiable is their commitment to their common thread… the meaningful brand narrative that flows throughout their presence. It’s who they are. More importantly, it’s who they help their audience to be. It’s more than what the brand is, it’s about what the brand enables.

As brand storytellers, our job is to uncover the common thread that will make our brands come to life. To enable buy-in among our audience, we need to tie brand promise to their desire or expectation. Define your common thread by asking a series of simple questions:

Who are we?

What are we trying to accomplish?

Who are we trying to accomplish this for?

Why will this matter?

The common threads that lead to the most success are those that have purpose… that impact the lives of people. If you analyze the four examples above, you realize that it’s about the end user and not really the brand. It’s about how your life is transformed when you engage with their products. The result of this clarity of purpose is a unified brand expression… a common thread that is easy to identify.

This isn’t rocket science… the common thread is found in understanding your unique offering and your connection to your audience. It’s open-ended storytelling that enables your audience to make a connection, express an emotion, and take an action.

In case you didn’t figure out all the brand statements: Just Do It — Nike; Think Different — Apple; I’m Lovin’ It — McDonalds; Live Mas — Taco Bell.