Convergence of Man & Machine

Random Idea #5462

There has been great progress in the way we understand human body today, the medical science behind human body surgeries is tremendous, whether for cosmetics or remediation. There has been tremendous progress in the field of technology as well — just look at the number of unbelievable gadgets we use. However, the ultimate dream has always been to bring the two together — convergence of Man and Machine.

We have all heard about the concepts of chip implants in the human brain, seen sci-fi movies about how a piece of technology could be injected into the human body, one eye which is not just an eye but a camera/ screen/ scanner and what not. While these are all future concepts the closest we could see in Real Life are wearable gadgets — pedometers, smart watches, google glasses, VR. I believe we are not thinking out of the box. So here is a random idea # 5462 — denture implants.

Yes, you heard it right, Denture Implants! What does our natural teeth do anyway that the artificial tooth implants can’t? It is just a piece of calcified structure which though very useful for life but requires awful lot of maintenance. I believe Dentists could very well utilize the innovations in the field of Dentistry and make a strong case of completely getting rid of natural teeth after certain age, replace them with custom made dentures and work with the apples and googles of the world to utilize the cavities to embed various forms of technology in it — iDenture!

  • Just like all your cellphones and watches which sit on your side table when you sleep for charging at night, all you have to do is remove and put your iDenture in an Apple AirPod like case for charging, firmware upgrades and not to forget disinfect and clean your teeth.
  • iDenture could have an inbuilt antenna and act as a personal wifi hotspot for all your devices you carry around.
  • Alexa / Siri integration: there is no better voice recognition than a mic inside your mouth. You do not need Amazon Echo in every room, when you have a receiver in your mouth to take and act on instructions. Right from the horse’s mouth.
  • Forget finger touch, 3D touch screens, iDenture will be the new input form factor. Right Swipe your upper molar teeth with your tongue and you can turn on your room lights. Double tap your jaw to receive a phone call.
  • Enjoying a panoramic view of Lake Tahoe? Just smile big, show your teeth and with a double tap — Facebook check-in with location tagging.

I know some are silly examples but you get the idea, we can actually build innovative use cases with the easiest technology implant in a human body in my opinion!