Allianz Italy Invests in Innovating its Digital Ecosystem and Provides Agents With Virtual Advisor Developed by iGenius

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4 min readJun 19, 2019


Part of the digital ecosystem developed for the Agents’ network, the new virtual advisor is powered by iGenius’ technology. Thanks to natural language interactions and artificial intelligence, Allianz Agents will have easy access to real-time information on everyday business activities on their smartphones.

Milan, 19th June 2019 — Allianz Italy marks the importance of its Agents’ network investing in innovation for Allianz Agents.

Led by CEO Giacomo Campora, the company has developed an innovative digital ecosystem for its network of insurance Agents. Among the most recent innovations is the progressive launch, starting July 1st, of the first virtual advisor for insurance business data, using the technology of iGenius, the international scaleup founded in 2016 by Uljan Sharka. iGenius was selected by the team led by Allianz Italy’s COO, Agostino Ferrara.

The Allianz Virtual Advisor can process data based on the company’s own KPIs, and answer any questions insurance Agents ask via voice or typing using natural language. This will allow Allianz Agents to receive live advice and monitor their business activity anywhere.

Allianz Agents will use the virtual advisor from their smartphones to access data such as income monitoring, performance of a particular product and client profiles easily and with no need for specific training.

Agostino Ferrara, Chief Operating Officer of Allianz S.p.A., said: “This is a great example of open innovation, spearheaded by a big group such as Allianz in collaboration with the Italian AI company, with the potential to radically innovate business and commercial operations. The new virtual advisor is an extra colleague for our network of professional Agents, an always-available coworker able to process vast amounts of data in a very short time and effectively support our Agents in their day-to-day operations, tapping into the extraordinary potential of conversational artificial intelligence”.

Uljan Sharka, Founder and CEO of iGenius, said: “We are enthusiastic about collaborating with a leading insurance and financial group. Data is an essential competitive asset in today’s market and success depends heavily on the ability to democratize access to information. With our first-to-market technology we are spearheading the data intelligence revolution. For the first time, companies can enable anyone to make data-driven decisions in real time, instead of relying on technical solutions accessible only by a small percentage of the workforce. Our virtual advisor can access complex and siloed data and process it rapidly, providing advice and proactive notifications in natural language to help users make effective decisions and guide data-driven business strategies”.

About Allianz Italy

Allianz Italy in one of the leading Italian insurers and is part of the Allianz SE Group, one of the major global insurance and financial services provider, with over 142,000 employees serving more than 92 million customers in over 70 countries. In Italy, the second largest insurance market for the Group after Germany, Allianz serves over 7 million customers through over 5,000 employees and a multi-channel distribution network consisting of over 25,000 people including insurance Agents, their collaborators and Financial Advisors, besides a leading bancassurance partner and Genialloyd, Italian market leader in direct insurance.

About iGenius

iGenius is the native AI company on a mission to reimagine data interaction and deliver intelligence powered by simplicity. Striving to democratize data, we give it a voice and make business analytics accessible. Our AI solutions make technology more human and create complete data affinity.

Our first product, crystal, is the first AI-powered advisor for data intelligence. With a slick conversational interface — yes, you can talk to her — she puts data at your fingertips and in context, taking data analysis to another level. crystal can learn from your data, and has a talent for making predictions and serving up proactive advice.

crystal is available in six languages (Italian, English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese), it is active on tens of projects with the most innovative multinational companies, with a particular focus on the financial services, insurance, pharma and utilities sectors.

Founded in 2016 by Uljan Sharka, iGenius received one of the largest funding rounds from angel investors, getting $7 million in one go. With over 100 team members, and offices in Milan, California, London and Switzerland, iGenius is a scaleup company that thinks like an enterprise, where talented innovators can thrive and people come first. iGenius was recognized internationally by the likes of Facebook, Google, Web Summit, Startup Grind and TechCrunch.



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