Business Intelligence, efficiency and sustainability: iGenius and Janssen’s success story

The scaleup iGenius provided Janssen with an artificial intelligence solution to support medical sales representatives, that is both efficient and sustainable.

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Efficiency means energy and time savings, but also accessibility and simplicity of an otherwise complex technology.

Milan-based scaleup iGenius provided Janssen Italy, the pharmaceutical company part of the Johnson & Johnson Group, with a virtual advisor for data intelligence to help the pharma company’s sales force transform business data into decisions in a few seconds.

“Technology, and particularly AI, has a huge potential in helping our generation overcome historical challenges and generate responsible innovation”, said Uljan Sharka, CEO and Founder of iGenius. “Innovation and technology can be very powerful tools,” Sharka continued, ”but still have high costs in terms of resources, as well as social and environmental impact.”

Luca Nardi, Commercial Director of Janssen Italy, commented: “Our partnership with iGenius has focused on efficiency and sustainability since the very beginning. These are concepts essential for any type of business. Ignoring them is simply not feasible in the context of continuous research and innovation that characterizes the healthcare industry in which we operate: even more so, in as complicated a historical period as the current one, artificial intelligence will allow us to differentiate ourselves.”

Sustainable AI “by design”: the experience with Janssen

In order to be sustainable, Sharka believes that “AI must be both efficient and accessible, easy to use. These principles also underline the development of our virtual advisor for data intelligence.”

Efficient Technology

Efficient technology translates into lower consumption of energy and technical resources.

iGenius’ advisor for data intelligence is not an additional tool that needs to be adapted to an already existing complex system. In order to take advantage of it, Janssen Italy didn’t have to make space inside their business, or teach their employees how to set it up or how to use its features. Adapting to existing analytics systems, the advisor considerably reduced the time needed to adopt a complex technology such as AI, with noticeable savings of energy and technical resources.

The power of simplicity

At the moment the adoption of “augmented analytics” systems — the combination between analytics and AI — is limited to technological companies and to employees with specific technical skills, because of the intrinsic complexity of data. Making data accessible thanks to natural language, iGenius’ advisor succeeded in closing the gap, allowing every representative of Janssen Italy to obtain answers to their questions in seconds, through an app on their mobile devices.

Instead of providing data in the form of complex graphs, difficult to understand dashboards, or long Excel spreadsheets, the advisor is able to grasp natural language, and quickly reply accurately to its users’ questions, letting them literally talk with their business data.

Security and lower consumption

iGenius’ advisor does not replicate data, instead streaming it, reducing energy consumption and storage needs to archive data. It’s like having a virtual data center in your own pocket.


iGenius is the scaleup on a mission to reimagine data interaction for businesses. Our vision is to disrupt the B2B data industry by bringing a consumer approach to it. In iGenius we envision a world where everyone has access to quality data intelligence. Founded in 2016 by Uljan Sharka, iGenius has been mentioned as one of Europe’s top 100 SaaS companies, and one of nine top names in data and analytics, from venture capital company Accel. Some of the most important Fortune 500 companies are already using crystal to make their access to data more efficient at all organizational levels. With offices in Italy, the USA, the UK and Switzerland, iGenius is a high-growth scaleup that thinks like an enterprise, where talented innovators can thrive and people come first.

For additional information about our advisor, crystal, you can visit our website, view our LInkedIn page or follow us on our social channels @igeniusAI.


Janssen is the pharmaceutical company of the Johnson & Johnson Group, dedicated to face some of the most important unmet medical needs, in several areas, among which are oncohematology, immunology, neuroscience, infectious diseases and vaccines, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, and pulmonary arterial hypertension. With more than 1,206 resources in Italy between their headquarters in Cologno Monzese and their plant in Latina, Janssen develops innovative products, services and solutions for the wellbeing of people around the globe.

For additional information visit their website and follow them on @JanssenITA and their LinkedIn profile Janssen Italia.



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