The Crema Difference

Feb 3, 2017 · 2 min read

Crema has been building software applications, web and mobile, for the better part of a decade. Our team works incredibly hard and smart to stay on top of emerging technologies, programming languages, and UI/UX design trends. Because of this, our product teams are incredibly talented at creating beautiful and useful applications for our clients.

However, building applications is just the beginning. As an innovation partner, it’s important to consult our clients on their technology AND their business. We care about your P&L, funding strategy, cost structure, revenue model, and overall company operations. That is where the Crema difference comes from. We build applications to help companies solve their biggest business problems in innovative ways. Our team ideates, designs, surveys customers, and builds software with the business in mind at all times.

The business acumen we have developed over the years has come from a commitment to constant improvement, a desire to build software for innovative companies, and a recognition that this is what our clients need most. They need a partner that is excellent at software AND business creation. As a client of ours, you would be guided through an intentional process that would push you to focus on the product you are building, and the model that will support and distribute it into the market. Our goal is not to produce an application that adheres to a specifications document. Rather, it is to position you for the greatest success to solve problems and provide value.

Creating a business model that does this is not easy, but is certainly within reach. Part of the Crema difference is our experience with three different business models common to the software industry. I will unpack each one, including our experience with each model, in subsequent posts. However, let me briefly define those models now to prime the pump.

On-Demand Marketplace

A marketplace that can only scale through fast growth in two separate user groups: the seller AND the buyer. Both parties value immediacy.

Multi-sided Model

An application or solution that scales a primary user-base quickly, and generates revenue through a secondary (behind the scenes) customer.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

An application that provides consistent and daily value to a customer and offered through a subscription-based model.

Stay tuned!

Over the next three weeks, we will continue this conversation on software business models. We will unpack each of the models in much more detail, and show how Crema approaches and builds each for our clients.

After this series you will:

  1. Have a better understanding of each business model.
  2. Have access to a resource that can help you discover which business model fits your product idea.
  3. Learn how we have helped our clients overcome the challenges inherent to each of these models.

Until then…cheers!

Ideas by Crema

All of our thoughts and ideas.


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Ideas by Crema

All of our thoughts and ideas.

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