The Best Of Both Worlds. Combining Processes, Brand Planning with Development For Marketers.

This last month at the Worldz event by PTTOW, I had a number of conversations with similar topics.

One of which was about Marcom (Marketing communications as a whole) planning.

Marcom teams large and small have similar pain points. One key point being:

“How do we stay focused on delivering for long-term plans while adjusting for our immediate needs and testing the constant change of the marketing landscape?”

I have been fortunate enough to be on both ends of the spectrum for both Marcom and Development operations.

For Marcom (PR, Creative, Events, Social, etc.) the spectrum consists of a range of tiny budgets to multi-million dollar budgets.

For Development (Web, App, SaaS, Enterprise) the spectrum consists of startups with sweat-equity to overkill budgets.

Both areas require a way to plan, report, and plan again.

A framework to make things go as smoothly as we hope they can.

I want to share a framework with you, teams I have had the privilege to work with, have used this framework and refined it over the years.

We took the best areas of Agile, Waterfall, Scrum — all your buzzword friendly frameworks and tried applying them to the marketer side of planning, reporting, and planning again.

It helps if you have worked with an OGSM (Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Measures) before, but below is the visual framework we are currently using today.

It will continue to evolve and it must, but we have seen this framework grow well with changes.

Feel free to download and use to help with your next project, campaign, 5 year plan.

I hope this helps you.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, leave comments or email me at

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