iLUMINATE from WWDC 2017

Making change to human life

Miral Kotb comes from Egyptian family with dance in her blood and attraction towards software. She came to New York where she got into software development course and kept her dance passion. After finishing college, she joined Bloomberg for financial software development and managing databases while continuing to dance.

Her life came to halt when she detected hip cancer and had to do multiple surgeries that put her body out of action that she was unable to stand or walk. After recovering from cancer, she went back to Bloomberg and attended Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) — 2009.

Coming to dance, she realised people go to concert or live performance not to enjoy dance but for having general fun. Also many people had no interest in dance because they don’t understand it rather they cannot correlate it to their lives. Her dream was to bring dancing to common people.

While attending WWDC-2009 she learnt devices can talk to each other using wifi/B. She got an idea of how to bring technology to dance so that (important) common people can understand dance and enjoy it. This was start of iLUMINATE where she invented a way to wirelessly control lights on the dancers body from her iPhone.

And there was light.

In less than 8 years,from the shadows of death; she powered her dancing team to finals of “America’s Got Talent” and there on to Hollywood, Grammy award winner and the Broadway (the ultimate destination for any artist).

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People who were avoiding dance / live shows / concerts, were now waiting for an opportunity to see and enjoy dance. Isn’t this amazing how technology can change human behaviour!

And how can Apple not bring her on center stage and celebrate her success and failures.

It’s all about dreams, dreams and dreams…

This story is not about what Miral achieved. It’s about the inspiration to follow your dreams.

So think how are you going to change people’s life using technology! Bon Voyage!!!

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