BCV Invests In Augtera Networks’ $13M Series A: Deploying AI To Stamp Out Network Downtime And Outages

Enrique Salem
Jun 29 · 3 min read

Bain Capital Ventures first backed Augtera Networks in late 2019, funding its Seed round, and we’re now participating in the company’s $13 million Series A.

As we increasingly live the majority of our lives online, network outages and slowdowns have evolved from an annoyance to a critical problem. When a website, application, or collaboration platform goes down — or even just slows to a crawl — it impacts our jobs, schoolwork, banking, entertainment, communication, transportation, and more. That’s why we’re thrilled to be investing for a second time in Augtera Networks, an innovative startup whose machine learning platform helps large enterprises keep their networks up and running without glitches, slowdowns, or outages.

Augtera Networks is the kind of company that isn’t afraid to tackle a huge problem, and its two co-founders, CEO Rahul Aggarwal and VP of Engineering Bhupesh Kothari, have the technical and company-building expertise to find the most innovative solutions. Augtera’s intelligent network performance monitoring platform uses machine learning and AI to detect potential issues before they result in slowdowns or outages. It’s a meta-monitoring product that aggregates telemetry data from all across the different network monitoring solutions companies already have in place, such as switches, point monitoring products, and firewalls.

Augtera Networks works on physical, virtual, and cloud environments, understanding the topology across the data center, hybrid-cloud, WANs, and SD-WANs. In other words, Augtera Networks is a next-generation, highly intelligent network monitoring solution that will help large enterprises keep their vast heterogeneous networks with millions of users running smoothly and efficiently. BCV has been investing in networking companies for nearly two decades, including early investments in SD-WAN companies such as Cloudgenix and Solarwinds, and Augtera Networks is one of the most promising startups we’ve seen in the networking space in a long time.

Since we first invested in Augtera Networks, the company has made significant strides in signing enterprise customers, including Colt Technologies, Orange, and Dell. We believe Augtera will become a key differentiator for companies running large hybrid-cloud networks, which combine multiple cloud and on-premise technologies. With this type of complexity now becoming the norm, networks have many inter-dependencies, making it difficult to spot potential issues using traditional network monitoring solutions.

Augtera’s machine learning algorithms spot many potential problems that existing software and human intervention miss, and produce fewer false alarms. Augtera Networks also provides root cause analysis, showing network operators why something went wrong and how to fix it quickly.

The result is 90% faster detection of potential issues and 50% faster resolution times, compared to traditional network monitoring platforms. Finding and fixing network problems faster doesn’t just save companies time, but could potentially save them millions of dollars; every time their networks lag or time out, their businesses take a hit from lost transactions, angry customers that end up defecting, and brand erosion that hurts customer acquisition.

As a member of the Augtera’s board, I look forward to working closely with Rahul and Bhupesh as they grow their business into a global powerhouse — something I’m confident they will achieve. Rahul is a serial entrepreneur, having previously founded Arktan, a customer identity management company later acquired by Janrain. And he has deep expertise in networking, having invented and developed multiple widely deployed technologies in top software engineering roles at Juniper Networks and Redback Networks. Bhupesh is equally well-versed in network engineering, having spent the last 20 years building complex network applications for Gainspeed, Cisco, and Juniper Networks.

Augtera Networks is the network monitoring tool companies need today. It’s AI-driven anomaly detection quickly and automatically identifies potential problems before they result in slowdowns, outages, or gray failures. Augtera has the potential to become a billion-dollar company at the center of the hybrid cloud revolution. We’re thrilled to be a continued investor in Augtera and can’t wait to see what they do next.

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