Meet Amit Aggarwal, Our New Entrepreneur In Residence

Amit Aggarwal

Over the past few years, we’ve had the honor of supporting great technologists early in their explorations of what’s next. Through our Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) program, we spend time with participants, connecting them with our partners and portfolio companies and helping them think about their next roles or examine technologies and problems that could be the basis of a new company. Today, I’m pleased to welcome Amit Aggarwal to Bain Capital Ventures as our latest EIR.

Armed with degrees from IIT-Delhi and the University of Washington, Amit’s two decades of experience have encompassed accomplishments at companies of all sizes, including all three of the early search pioneers (Google, Bing, and some of us have the grey hair to remember Inktomi); Groupon, before and immediately after its IPO; and Bloomreach, where he spent the last four years as CTO and VP Engineering.

At Google, Amit helped advertisers make better decisions around their campaigns; while at Microsoft, he was an early engineer building Bing (from spam to relevance) from scratch. Prior to joining Bloomreach, Amit was Senior Director of Engineering at Groupon, powering its hyper-growth by leading teams around personalization, search, targeting, inventory management and other infrastructure.

I first met Amit in late 2012 when Raj and Ashutosh, the founders of Bloomreach, were recruiting him to run engineering. Given the caliber of Bloomreach’s engineering team in both Mountain View and Bangalore, Raj and Ashu had an extremely high bar. This individual needed to be a strong leader and manager, but also have the technical depth to earn the respect of the core engineers. From the moment we met Amit, we knew we had found the right person, but he told me at the time that he was debating whether to join Bloomreach or start a company. Given he didn’t have a burning idea at the time, we all persuaded him to spend a few years at Bloomreach, and then we’d collectively support him when he was ready to start his company.

Amit has had an indelible impact at Bloomreach. Bloomreach has been a pioneer at the intersection of machine learning and enterprise software. Historically, machine learning has largely been employed at scaled consumer companies like Google and Facebook, while enterprise software companies like Oracle and Salesforce were focused on building workflows and automating business processes. Bloomreach today is one of the few scaled leaders bringing AI/machine learning to enterprise software; its digital experience platform (DXP) allows the content of any website across any vertical to be dynamically personalized.

Through Amit’s leadership, Bloomreach has delivered enterprise-grade software used by the largest companies in the world, with underlying technology perfected at places like Google. This has been no easy feat, and Amit’s technical strength and innate leadership skills have allowed Bloomreach’s engineering organization to excel.

While I’m excited that we and our portfolio companies will have the benefit of Amit’s experience and skills, Amit will primarily be looking for another large enterprise software category to which he can apply his big data and machine learning capabilities. We firmly believe this is the next wave of software, and Amit is one of a small number of entrepreneurial leaders with the background to pull this off. We are excited to see what Amit builds next!