Welcoming Clelia Warburg Peters To Our Proptech Practice

At Bain Capital Ventures, we strive to become domain experts in our chosen verticals. We want founders to choose us because of our familiarity with and fluency in their markets. In turn, we seek out founders and partners who are deeply knowledgeable about their respective industries and whose unique insights serve as a competitive advantage.

The collaborators in our network play a crucial role in our work, supporting the full breadth of our efforts as investors: meeting great teams, understanding market trends, advising us on investments, placing exceptional operators in our portfolio companies, providing strategic counsel to executive teams, and helping to optimize company operations. Occasionally an informal adviser will impress so much that we ask him or her to formally contribute to our team. Today, I am thrilled to announce that Clelia Warburg Peters has joined us as a venture partner as we build out our proptech practice.

Over the past couple of years, we have developed the conviction that proptech represents a compelling new investment area. Investment in proptech companies has exploded in the past five years as both venture investors and incumbent companies recognized the need for innovation in the world’s largest asset class. At Bain Capital Ventures, we intend to double down on proptech and aspire to leverage both our global network and real estate platform to the benefit of the companies in which we invest. We have already invested in several startups that are disrupting the traditional real estate world; to date, we have deployed over $100 million across proptech companies in our portfolio, including SmartRent, Material Bank, Roofstock, Ribbon, and others.

As innovation in proptech accelerates and our practice expands over time, we increasingly need to seek out partners who can push our thinking forward. To that end, I am pleased to welcome Clelia to the team at this pivotal moment. Clelia will work across our proptech portfolio, becoming a key thought partner for our founders. Leveraging her deep network and industry expertise, Clelia will also support our investing efforts by developing new investment themes and identifying new companies at the forefront of innovation in real estate.

We first met Clelia a couple of years ago when she was dividing her time between managing her family brokerage business, Warburg Realty, and serving as a founding partner of MetaProp, one of the earliest venture funds to focus exclusively on proptech. We were immediately impressed by Clelia’s insightful perspectives on the future of real estate, informed by extensive experience working with both real estate incumbents as well as disruptors. She quickly became and remains a thought leader in the proptech world. Clelia has already had a major impact on the way we think about opportunities; her keen observations extend across the ecosystem, from brokerage disruption to efficiency improvements in construction and everything in between.

Like many of us at Bain Capital Ventures, prior to her real estate career, Clelia spent a number of years as a management consultant (at BCG) and worked on a start-up of her own. Most importantly, Clelia is a wonderful human being and is already an invaluable addition to our proptech team.

We are proud to welcome Clelia to Bain Capital Ventures. We look forward to working with her in the months ahead to strengthen our proptech practice.



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Merritt Hummer

Growth investor @ Bain Capital Ventures focused on fintech, proptech, & b2b marketplaces