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If you ever needed a name for a podcast — here you go (thank me after reading)


You need a name that’s not so complex right?

One that your first set of listeners (grand mom, sister, cousins, course mates, etc….) can easily tell their friends about?

And one that can grow without putting a gun to people’s head to force them to listen?

Here you go:

If “hey guys” doesn’t work “Welcome back to my channel” should. 👍🏽

Then aggressively tell people how your podcast/YouTube is one of the most talked about. (And you’ll be telling the truth👍🏽).

And hey guys!!! The podcast/YouTube had better be of good quality as well.

Genius marketing ≠ Genius hey-guys-podcast/channel.

Speaking of podcasting, click to see the type of podcasters we have out there and maybe you’re one? (and how I was tech-bro-shamed by a tech founder 😭).

I posted this on my WhatsApp as well and I’ve probably created a new problem. I suspected there’ll be people like these looking for a podcast name but can’t find one:

There’s 200 of you who might read this and there’ll be another 200+ who will read this across my Twitter, IG, LinkedIn, and Quora (I hear Jollof-Write sells there too).

Now, here’s where you get very creative.

You might not use the “hey guys” as suggested and end up using “subscribe to my podcast/channel” — which is another popular phrase most of these Content-Chefs use.

Or you might not even use any of the phrases suggested but instead use the design thinking process that was used to come up with the “hey guys” idea.

Yours might be “hit the subscribe button”

Anything. Something. I’ll love to see it.

Whatever you come up with — please tag me. 👍🏽

If this made you salivate, then this will leave you wanting more!



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