14 December 2020. The day that Google products went down. Were you affected and what’s next?

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My first thought: Google really went down?
First, when Google products stopped working, I thought that my Google account went down because of a hack. Then I realised that the Google products were not functioning for most of the world. It took about 30 minutes to come back and it might happen again..

My second thought was: now what?
What would actually happen if Google never comes back? How easy and fast can we adjust our personal and business lives? I think this is a strategy to take into consideration while Google is still first in the line, but some competition might come a next best choice.

So what should you do on a personal and professional level? Here is my list but you might add some other tips:

  1. Have a back-up on other accounts

If you have a Gmail account, especially the Gmail personal address, it might be a good start to get a second one on Live.com or other possible domains. I won’t mention Hotmail and Yahoo here because some of you might still have them. Wow, this sounds so 2000.. :D
Still, there should be some emergency back up for your email address and accounts either way.

2. Have a back-up or alternative for your Paid Ads
If you don’t have already one, it might be the time to get a Bing Ads account or even Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn Ads account. If possible have them all, if not, then try to invest more in other social media paid strategies. As today and maybe some other times, you realise that spending all your money in one place is not the best strategy.

3. Back up for your images
The same as for Gmail, the Google Drive might not work in the future. So it’s best to keep your options open and have all your portfolio on some other servers.

4. Improve and adapt your business website and apps for other search engines/platforms.
I know that you usually tend to optimize your website/apps just for Google. (No need to admit it to me, but to yourself!). But there are other search engines ready to discover your website/apps. In this case, the SEO part shouldn’t be very different, but just open to what’s out there. Have your website’s sitemap ready, with good structure and send it to the other search engines. Besides that, keep your content updated, fresh and clean and create something useful on a specific period of time. I mean if you want to have a new blog post, article or any other fresh content once a week, then try to keep that consistency in time and deliver. And of course, keep it mobile friendly first. That isn’t so hard to do it. Right?

4. Beyond the IOS or Android systems
At some point there should be a non IOS or Android choice for all of us.
When the Google goes down, the Android part might do down. So, the best choice is to be able to get a phone which has its own operating system that is not related to Apple or Google. So keep your options open and adapt.

Basically my conclusion for this event is: adapt or die!
Not literally, but your business might be severly damaged if you invest all just in Google products. So, adapt. Take into consideration some other options as back-ups, stay safe out there on 2020 and beyond! :)

About Me:
I am a passionate digital marketing specialist, a technical writer, blogger, also a Trekkie, also ARTS lover, also an open-minded person.

Read more thoughts on my blog: Ideas Outside Ideas.



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