10 Ways To Sell More Donuts

Business, life and lifestyle lessons from the shelf of donut store. This might open up new perspectives.

1. Make it in Heart Shape

People are crazy. Love is in the air. Teenagers spend too much time chatting and finding their love interest. If they find any piece of food in heart shape then probably they will buy it.

It will be a moment of pride for them. The sweet mother of everything — donut and that too in heart shape. Nothing can beat this thing now. Not even red roses or chocolates come close to it.

2. Sell only in bulk

Price 1 donut for $5 and 3 for $10. The more people buy the less the overall cost should come. It sounds as a retail scam but trust me it will work wonders.

People see the value when they buy in bulk. The other side effect is when you do this — you share the extra donut increasing the customer base.\

3. Don’t Give Discount Coupon

This one is complementary to the 2nd way. You are kinda giving away discount for buying more. Don’t give some coupon code — which needs to be shown and redeemed.

Too much hassle for customers. Make things easy for them.

4. Spend money on customer Experience

Treat them well. Respect them and give choices to them. Make them feel awesome. The more happier the customer is — the more often plans will be made to come back to your place.

5. Paint your place blue and green

Those are welcoming colors. People associate them with warmth. When you send those vibes, people are reluctant to switch.

6. Pay generously to employees

The happiness of employees reflect on the customers. Give them a nice pay to build a family wherein they work forever till they retire.

You will save money on rehiring too.

7. Less variety

Keep only 2 variety — chocolate and strawberry. Soon people who love chocolate will come to your place because you have less distraction.

Less choices for customer, superior taste from your donuts.

8. Make an app

So they can order from home and pick up on the way to work. Better let them pay online too. Less hassles, less turnarounds — more profits.

9. Reward Customer

Give extra donut for every 100th customer. People love surprises and they will wait to become that 100th customer.

To do this, they will come again.

10. Have a soothing music

It relaxes mind and people will be cool. This way many conflicts will be avoided. Less things for you to worry.

How you can apply this to your situation?