I camped out with a tech billionaire. The advice he gave me was priceless.
Adam Naor

Being Bold Is The Key To Success

Your growth isn’t linear in anyway. The moment you start to follow a traditional path — 2+2=4, you are leading yourself to a stagnant lifestyle.

Not ground breaking — enough to meet ends and have a mini vacation. You, your friends and most of the people in your circle would lead a similar lifestyle.

If you want to achieve exponential growth, level up yourself and achieve growth sometimes viral then you need to be BOLD.

  1. Bold to accept things might collapse. You need to stand up again.
  2. Bold to listen to society when you take up a passion project and still keep going.
  3. Bold to accept you are not perfect and learning is the key to upgrading yourself.
  4. Bold to say “NO” to many things so you can focus your energy on things which matters the most to you.
  5. Bold to show up and do the work. Each day — giving up short term gains for the long term growth.