Top 10 Note-taking Apps for 2017
Francesco D'Alessio

I love Evernote and Google Calendar

Your life is scrambled everywhere. And you need to get things done — fast and efficient.

Here is how you should use Google Calendar :

  1. Every night, write down at least 3 important things you need to do and mark the timing for them.
  2. Also list down all the things like buying something from Amazon, calling your spouse or donating something.

The idea is to write down whatever it is.

Next day, you wake up and check your Calendar app — it guides you on how to live the day. For example — you get up and do whatever you feel like but if anything pops up, you do it immediately.

Boom there is a pop up to call your spouse — do it now. And get it done.

Here is how you should use Evernote :

  1. Whenever an idea strikes you, write it down. If you are a writer, write down bullet points of story.
  2. Write down your long term goal and keep adding the milestones and necessary steps to be taken.

The idea is to check Evernote every once in a while — preferably every week. And make changes in your life (Google calendar) seeing your goals in Evernote.

Or add something new in Evernote.

Keep repeating. Go crazy and become awesome.