Learn From Justin Beiber

Let me admit — I hate Justin Beiber. From his first song — “baby” till his current music video — “What do you mean”, I despise him.


I don’t know. The fame he gets for his personality which isn’t charming to me pisses me off. I used to think only girls love him and all his music is bad. For sometime I believed it.

Then maturity hit me and I started to realize he is famous and successful and disliked by many people. I am not alone.

The thing that bothered me — why is he successful???

I needed to shift my focus and take something positive because I wanted to learn and not stress myself over his super famous image. I wanted to grasp and implement what he was doing that was appealing to an audience.

He is successful so he must be doing something right.

We are more than 7 billion in numbers. If you create something remarkable, there are high chances you will find an audience. And you can’t appeal to everyone.

I realized — my hatred towards beiber was just me, my preferences and nothing to do with his talent or hard work.

You have to be thick skinned.

When you are at the top, people often criticize you because they see the end result and not the behind the scenes work.

You are not going to be mass appeal anyway, so many will hate you and it is a good sign because you have defined your audience and rest of the people don’t matter.

When some people not like you, it is good. It means those people are not your fans or tribes.

Over to You

When you see someone you don’t like, try to find what they are doing to appeal to their fans.

You might find the path for your success or growth. It is you who decide.

Hope this helps. Stay Awesome.

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