Sipping Green Tea

What is your ideal day?

How do you live like a boss?

Why are you pushing on your musical career?

There are reasons for which you are going extra mile. There is a comfort which you envision in your best day for which you are working. There is a mind-shift which enlightens you and encourages you to be your boss.

Maybe not full time, it does help.

Automation is the queen these day. All the jobs require additional flare which you can use to lead, grow and challenge.

Make something remarkable.

Something the world wants now. Something the world will buy when you create it. That’s how you grow your vision. In this world of super-competitive nature, you need to sell yourself for high stakes.

You don’t have to compromise on the lies, maybe for placebos sometimes. Rest of the time, you need to push down the fence and score yourself a winner.

You can be a great singer, don’t down-sell yourself though. You have to start somewhere, maybe do a free concert first time and then work behind the paywall.

Never sell yourself short, if anything sell yourself for big by making your craft even better.

Thoughts becomes ideas on paper and it turns into actions which might grow on another level.

Green tea is not sweet. It doesn’t entice me to drink more of it. I know though it will do some good to me.

You can be like that. Or make something like coffee, superior one for which everyone’s craving.

Thinking is the first step, don’t stop there though. Stay Awesome.