Teaching Job — Bad Interview and Good Interview

by Rohan Bhardwaj

I just wrapped up the interview for a teaching post. It was a bad interview…

Let me break it down for you..

Teaching is two fold job — one part of it is knowing the things you need to teach and the second part is to deliver super-class lecture so the students absorbs most of it.

Did I told you; there is a third part too. Making sure the student gets to open the mind for opportunities, learning and understanding.

It is not about rote memorization anymore. Okay some of it is, however most of it is focused on how well you can apply your learning’s in different, predicted or vivid ways.

The Aptitude Test

The first phase of the job was to pass the aptitude test which basically ensured the candidate for the teachers post was aware of the basics.

Little less than half of the candidates passed it, including me.

This was the necessary part of the interview part — good interview.

Face to Face Interview

The next round was sitting with a panel of 5 teachers and answering their questions. To my surprise this was the last round and a teacher would be appointed based on this interview.

There was just one problem…

After getting done with the interview, I realized it was a oral version of the aptitude test and I (including other candidates) weren’t given the opportunity on how they can teach.

There was a teaching interview which didn’t focused on the teaching part of it.

The proposed Solution

Instead of the oral version of aptitude, if there was a demo lecture for each candidate to showcase how they can teach concepts, break equations and instill conversations for lifetime.

The core was missed…I hope many institutions do the good interview.

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