Don’t Do What Experts Tell You. Do This Instead.
Jeff Goins

Trust and Connection get Sales and Success

Your social media followers are mostly looking for a funny image or a quote — something to share with friends and move on. They aren’t in mood for buying something — most of the times they want something great to share to their followers.

A chain of social currency. People want to feel validated. More social media followers doesn’t get you more sales — it gets you more facebook likes or twitter tweets but that ain’t money.

When you build an email list, you are asking people to hand you the key of their guest home — you are asking them to trust you.

Trust that you would send something meaningful to them.

Trust that you will share the vulnerabilities and not the vanilla things which would get you more likes.

Trust that you want the benefit of your subscribers — that means you redirect your subscribers to buy someone else’s book or course not because you might get money. But you want your subscribers to get the best.

And when you have the connection — and people trust you enough then you can sell your course, book or anything. It is cool now.

Because you gave, gave and gave (sometimes your perspective, free guides and sometimes other people’s content)