How to Build Rock Solid Mental Toughness
Raghav Haran

Why You Do Anything?

You might desire to have million dollars to enjoy freedom. But you might also desire to help the Cancer patients.

That is two nature within you.

One who wants something for self and second for the betterment of society.

When you hit a billion dollars — what do you do?

For most people they would be content and be happy. Maybe they will donate few millions to cancer charity but that’s it.

It takes mentally tough people to keep their initial million dollars for self and invest all the remaining to uplift the lives of cancer patients.

You don’t need to think about a situation big enough.

Maybe you want to work for 4 hours each day. What if you land a job where you work 2 hours each day.

What do you do with the 2 hours you got extra? Will you invest those 2 hours into something you believe but will probably not return anything.

That’s where you can test and upgrade your mental toughness.

Stay Awesome.