Writing Non fiction

I hate the idea to sit down daily and write pages after pages and get nothing done.

It isn’t the case always. I love writing and it has become more than a habit.

The more you write the more you long for it. You improve along the way, unfold new chapters in life and somewhere in the need of likes and amusement of feedback develop a liking for writing.

But fiction is a daunting task – you need to sit down and write. But first you need to think and that takes a lot of time. The people who write a new fiction book every year is genius. Better those who write captivating, amusing and fun to read nonfiction books are freak.

The freaks who go nuts with the story line, one who brings super fun characters to life and infuses some kind of lesson in it. Not because you love preaching people, but because you infuse the realism in it. There is a human part of you that wants to mess up and make the characters flawed. And learn along the story-line. Because who doesn’t want a character you can relate to and want to succeed. You see yourself for the fun, fulfillment and amusing experience.

Maybe Some Day

The idea is to pen down ideas, make a rough draft and look at it with content. You don’t need to sell copies of the book, get feedback or tell thousand people. The mere fact of getting it down, the juicy ideas on paper is a big deal.

All the further things might happen or not. It doesn’t matter in the long run. The capability to write down a cohesive story which was deeply woven in your heart is a feat. Few can do it to their heart’s content.

When? Not sure. But some day.

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