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Eliminate insomnia

Sleep is a basic necessity of life, as fundamental for the maintenance of human health as air, food and water. Today, approximately half of the population on Earth is at risk of suffering from some kind of sleeping problem.

Several factors like stress, work, drugs or pathologies, are decreasing the overall quality and duration of sleep, leading to terrible consequences on our daily performance, and mental and physical health. Bad sleep is highly correlated with the development of diabetes, mental, cardiovascular, and neurodegenerative diseases. Sleep deprivation is a public health issue that has cost countries worldwide 1 trillion dollars in the last year alone.

How can we research sleep and help fight insomnia?

Rythm’s Dreem is a wearable headband that is worn at night and improves every sleep stage in real time. It accurately measures your sleep through five brain activity sensors, as well as heart rate and motion sensors. Based on your brain activity, Dreem will help you to get better quality deep sleep by emitting pink noise at specific moments during the deep sleep phase. Thanks to the smart alarm, which goes off when you’re in a sleep stage most suitable for waking up, it allows you to wake up at the best possible moment to feel rested.

With an inspiring event in the Knights’ Hall in The Hague on 24 April, we kicked off the joint development of shared purposes to take on global challenges. Do you think that the solution of Rythm can actively contribute to our shared purpose of eliminating insomnia and helping to get better quality sleep?

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