‘Bullying is happening all over the world, in every school’

Empower respectful societies

Bullying, discrimination and harassment exist and have always existed at all schools. This is a fact few people ignore but, at the same time, we often hear in society that “you have to be able to take a few knocks” at school. Sometimes, the level of tolerance is so high that there’s barely a reaction when someone shouts a derogatory comment across the corridor. Pushes and shoves are everyday occurrences, not to mention how “easy” it is to openly isolate someone. Pupils harass other pupils, teachers harass pupils, pupils harass teachers.

Nobody should have to put up with this in their work environment! Schools are workplaces for both teachers and pupils, and everyone has the right to feel comfortable and thrive in their workplace. Another problem with the increased level of tolerance of these behaviours and “everyday harassment” is that it also makes it even harder to really know when someone is victimised.

How can we help pupils stand up against this harassment?

Speak UP! has developed a seamless digital education platform that contains an application making it possible for young people to anonymously report misdemeanours back to their school, digital library offering a selection of relevant violence prevention programs, and an e-learning classroom for teachers to help them feel comfortable giving inspiring violence prevention lessons in the classroom.

With an inspiring event in the Knights’ Hall in The Hague on 24 April, we kicked off the joint development of shared purposes to take on global challenges. Do you think that the solution of Speak Up! can actively contribute to the shared purpose of safer schools and stopping harassment of pupils, empowering respectful societies?

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