‘Taking away food wastage unknowns’

After leaving the field, 17% of the world’s food products spoil — a loss that affects families all over the planet, especially in developing countries. Sustainable food production systems that help maintain ecosystems, inform of the origin of food and reduce food wastage, are essential to feed our world.

The Greek company Centaur brings intelligent technology to history’s oldest industry, by keeping crops healthy and reduce loss of crop value after harvest, with wireless sensors, Blockchain and the Internet of Things. Using real-time data from sensors that move with each crop, Centaur gives the food industry the capacity to track, monitor, and instantly adjust the conditions in which the world’s food is stored, preventing spoilage and reducing unnecessary chemical use.

Sotiris Bantas of Centaur
Sotiris Bantas at the semi-finals of Ideas from Europe 2017, Tallinn, Estonia

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