‘Bringing people, ideas and resources together ’

To be engaged and to be creative, people need unusual triggers to create breakthroughs. How can we build a culture of innovation in our local committee? What steps should we take to accelerate our customer service? How can we make our society more inclusive? What lifehacks do you know that I could use to make my home more eco-friendly?

Be-Novative from Hungary created a platform that invites corporate and individual users to a virtual brainstorming and helps boost and facilitate your innovation processes. Participants can find solutions to the world’s big problems, even to everyday life situations, using the power of creativity and community.

Priszcilla Várnagy at the semi-finals of Ideas from Europe 2017, Tallinn, Estonia

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On April 24 Be-Novative will be attending the finals of Ideas from Europe in The Hague. Go to our website for more information and to follow the live stream!

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