‘ Preventing and curing the cold in one shot’

Common cold is the most widespread viral infection among humans. The main cause of common cold is rhinovirus. There is no cure for this disease: no vaccines are currently available and over- the-counter medicines only help ease the symptoms but will not make cold go away any faster. These are the reasons why common cold represent a huge unmet medical need.

Panoxyvir from Italy patented broad-spectrum antiviral molecules of physiologic origin, named oxysterols, highly active against rhinoviruses (the cause of common cold) and rotaviruses (the leading cause of infective gastroenteritis in children). They have also developed the first antiviral nasal spray for the treatment and prevention of the common cold. They spray is based on molecules produced by our body that have the ability to modify cell membrane composition. This way we can to cure the common cold and prevent the onset of symptoms.

Andrea Civra of Panoxyvir
Andrea Civra at the semi-finals of Ideas from Europe 2017, Tallinn, Estonia

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