‘Nature already has all the ingredients’

Consumption volumes of cosmetics and personal care products is increasing and demand for efficacy and naturalness is growing among customers. There are several challenges that cosmetic and well-being industry has to face to sustain massive consumer demand. Among them are the inaccessibility of valuable ingredients, unsustainable use of natural resources as well as inconsistency in quality of natural ingredients.

Alternative Plants from Latvia is a biotech start-up that develops plant stem cell cultures for sustainable production of botanical ingredients. The focus is on medicinal plants that are difficult to grow, are rare or even endangered, so their plant stem cell culture technology is the only way to access the valuable substances that they produce.

Anna Ramata-Shunda from Alternative Plants
Anna Ramata-Shunda at the semi-finals of Ideas from Europe 2017, Tallinn, Estonia

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On April 24, Alternative Plants will be attending the finals of Ideas from Europe in The Hague. Go to our website for more information and to follow the live stream!

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