‘Sharing surplus fruits to help families’

Food waste is an issue of importance to global food security and good environmental governance, directly linked with environmental, economic and social impacts. Wasting food is not only an ethical and economic issue but it also depletes the environment of limited natural resources.

Friends Jam from Lithuania has created an easy to use food sharing platform and an innovative line of products that are produced by using harvest surplus, while including socially vulnerable groups in the process. They connect big families with farmers. All together, they collect excessive harvest — berries and fruits — using it for big families’ needs. Families can either consume tasty jams that are made out of collected fruit and therefore save money or sell it to have an extra income.

Violeta Masteikiené of Friends Jam
Violeta Masteikiené at the semi-finals of Ideas from Europe 2017, Tallinn, Estonia

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On April 24, Friends Jam will be attending the finals of Ideas from Europe in The Hague. Go to our website for more information and to follow the live stream!

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