‘New ways of communication for Alzheimer patients’

Europe has a rapidly ageing population. Currently, 16% of the European population is over 65, and this figure is expected to reach 25% by 2030. Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s are debilitating and largely untreatable conditions that are strongly linked with age.

Amongst these disorders, the dementias are responsible for the greatest burden of disease, with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders affecting over 7 million people in Europe, and this figure is expected to double every 20 years as the population ages. By improving the social care and structures available to assist patients, their families, and health service providers, patients can receive optimum care at all stages of their illness.

How can we help Alzheimer’s patients and their families?

Ichò is an innovative company that wants to enhance ways of communications for people with cognitive problems, deriving from diseases such as Alzheimer’s . Ichó is a ball that reacts to outside influences like pressure, catching, stroking, and throwing. It reacts with signals such as colored light, vibration, music, and sounds, all aiming to promote the user’s motor skills and cognitive function.

Want to see the full pitch? Than follow this link.

Do you think that the solution of Ichó can actively contribute to the care of Alzheimer’s patients and let them reconnect with their family and caretakers?

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