‘Reducing CO2-emissions by 15 tonnes per day’

Outsmart urban solutions

How can cities improve urban life through integrated sustainable solutions? And how can they develop good quality services for citizens and businesses? These are some of the challenges that cities face when becoming ‘smarter’.

Urban innovation is about identifying and testing new approaches to tackle challenges in cities. This involves integrating policies across a wide range of areas, such as energy and energy efficiency, urban mobility, waste, ICT and open data.

How can we develop cities whilst creating a sustainable environment?

SEEDiA creates products that gather solar energy. Their solar benches, stands and other products utilize the energy they gather to charge mobile devices (both with USB ports and wireless chargers), Wi-Fi hotspots, heated seats, radio, LEDs and paper screens, all while you are sitting down, relaxing and enjoying the view.

With an inspiring event in the Knights’ Hall in The Hague on 24 April, we kicked off the joint development of shared purposes to take on global challenges. Do you think that the solution of SEEDia can actively contribute to our shared purpose of outsmarting urban solutions, to create sustainable urban development and reducing CO2-emissisions?

Then let us know how we can try to help SEEDia reach that goal and if you can be a part of that development. Share this post and your thoughts using the hashtag #IdeasfromEU, tweet us or visit our website: ideasfrom.eu

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