‘We use obsolete documents to plan our cities’

Urban population grows weekly by 3 million people and the future of world cities is becoming increasingly more unpredictable. Yet municipalities still use obsolete, static planning documents to steer their spatial development. These hundreds of pages long texts and maps — which haven’t changed much over the last century — sorely lack the flexibility needed to cope with the dynamics of changes.

Agilicity from Slovenia developed an innovative software solution called Modelur, that compresses the lengthy text documents and maps into an interactive 3D solution space, inside which urbanists can quickly create a plethora of valid alternative urban design solutions. Research shows that using this new method, work can be completed 2,4x faster, with 4,6x higher accuracy, all while making 3,5x less mistakes.

Jernej Vidmar of Agilicity.
Jernej Vidmar at the semi-finals of Ideas from Europe 2017, Tallinn, Estonia

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