‘There is no language barrier’

Record-breaking numbers of refugees and migrants are moving across international borders, fleeing conflict, persecution, poverty and other life-threatening situations, or responding to labour and skill shortages and demographic changes and seeking better opportunities elsewhere. The large displacement of populations has broader implications for the social, economic, and political landscape.

According to the UNHCR, education empowers refugees, giving them the knowledge and skills to live productive, fulfilling and independent lives and enlightens refugees, enabling them to learn about themselves and the world around them, while striving to rebuild their lives and communities. Today, only 1 percent of eligible refugees have access to higher education, compared to 36 percent of global youth.

How can we help educate migrants and teach them relevant skills?

Refugees{code} is a non-profit association in Vienna and offers refugees a program to develop coding and software development skills. They support refugees in getting qualified jobs, as well as enabling persons entitled to asylum status to lead a self-determined life. ‘Programming is an universal language (0’s and 1's). There is no language barrier.’

Want to see the full pitch? Than follow this link.

Do you think that the solution of Refugees{code} can actively contribute to educating refugees and help them learn new skills they can use in their new surroundings?

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On April 24 you can see Refugees{code} talk about their solution at the finals of Ideas from Europe in The Hague. Go to our website for more information and to follow the live stream!

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