Lord Dalinas on Creating Connections, Having Determination, and the Channeling the Character Strengths of Tigers and Wolves

This is the third article from our weekly series featuring IdeaSpace’s five brand ambassadors.

Lord Dalinas, 23, is the CEO of IT-BPO companies Custard Apple Outsourcing and Alternative Solutions, Inc. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, Lord worked as a technical support engineer. The Davao and Gensan City IdeaSpace Ambassador was a computer graphic designer and web developer at 17 years old, and loves robotics, electronics, and 3D design and animation.

I interviewed Lord to find out how he got involved in his startup community, how he wants to contribute as an IdeaSpace Ambassador, and what two animals he would want to be.

Kimberly: Why did you decide to become an IdeaSpace Brand Ambassador?

Lord Dalinas, IdeaSpace’s Brand Ambassador from Davao City, started web development at 17 years old and now leads IT-BPO companies Custard Apple Outsourcing and Alternative Solutions, Inc.

Lord: Basically to help the local community, increase awareness, and push local talents; to provide linkages and create communities dedicated towards startups and technopreneurs.

What role do you think technopreneurship plays in the Philippines?

I can be a connector. Maybe a mentor but most likely an instrument of change, and (provide) a change of mindset towards success and teamwork.

How did you get involved in your local community?

I started several tech and startup events both in Davao and Gensan. I collaborated and gave free seminars and trainings in government agencies like (the Department of Trade and Industry) and local LGU’s. I started some tech groups.

What’s the best thing about your local community?

It’s starting to grow, learning how to learn, a city or a region full of potentials and talents.

How would you like to contribute as an Ideaspace Ambassador?

(I want to be) an example that odds can always be tough yet anyone can make if they want and will it. I was an undergraduate from a public school and was ‘kind of feisty’ [laughs]. It’s never about the destination, it’s about the journey.

What advice do you have to technopreneurs just starting out?

Dig deeper and aim higher. It’s not how you play, but the music you play.

If you had unlimited money, what would you do to promote technopreneurship in the Philippines?

Money is never an assurance towards success. It’s about the right attitude. I would love to have bootcamps, trainings and seminars dedicated towards acceleration programs and proper branding and business management — for free!

What inspires you to get out of bed in the morning?

The challenge I put to myself, “To be better than yesterday.”

If you were an animal, what would it be and why?

I’m already an animal — homo sapien [laughs]. Well, If I could mix a tiger and a wolf… A tiger because it is tough, decisive, and very determined. A wolf because it is passionate and ambitious, never shy from hard work, socially adept, knows leadership, and has vision and strength of character.

What business would you love to start?

Since I’m in the IT and BPO now, I would love to try the food industry. I love to cook.

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