Servo Motors

This week I made a “windshield wiper” for glasses. My friends who wear glasses have always complained about their glasses fogging up and rain getting their lenses “too wet”, so, I decided to make something that could help them out.

When testing out the Servo Motor in the beginning, the movement reminded me of windshield wipers (depending on the speed coded in). However, when thinking about the attachment and movement in relation to the glasses, I was running into technical difficulties (mainly because of my current lack of knowledge in product design + prototyping).

^^initial thought process/sketches

I ended up designing a hand-held wiper by attaching a cardboard wrapped in micro fiber fabric to the motor.

This is the code I used:

And this is the end result!

Final thoughts

The size of the wiper is a little big in my opinion. I would have to do an in-depth analysis on people who wear glasses and how often this would come in handy. It’s definitely NOT a necessary product and design efforts should be focused elsewhere BUT it was a lot of fun to make and the documentation process could have endless possibilities!


Fitting in the PIR sensor was proving to be difficult and I couldn’t figure out how to combine it with the Servo Motor. However, I couldn’t get the PIR sensor to work even on its own (but there was some random blinking from the LED).

This is the code I used:

Knowing that I can use multiple servo motors and sensors together to create something using Arduino is super exciting and has given me lots to think about for future projects. Hoping to figure out this little blip so I can really start experimenting.



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