Boeing 787 and iDecisionGames: an interview with Samuel Passow

What do iDecisionGames and Boeing 787 have in common? They both provide simulations to help you learn how to navigate real world complexity!

Interestingly, Prof. Samuel Passow, the managing director at the Negotiation Lab, compared the learning conditions endured within a negotiation simulation to “the weather, landing and possible equipment failure conditions a pilot experiences in a flight simulator” before taking off in an actual aircraft. The negotiation simulator thus tests the capability of a negotiator in different situations put forth by his/her counterpart(s).

Prof. Passow uses the iDecisionGames platform within a corporate classroom setting. He pointed out that the most valuable feature of the platform in his corporate coaching is the video chat feature allowing him to observe, in-real time, on-going negotiations and offer a debrief, as well — in real-time.

Throughout his teaching, he noticed that “the major concern of most corporations is that most lessons learned in in-class training are usually forgotten within the first 30 days.” The value of the program run by prof. Passow using iDecisionGames is that the use of simulations is useful to reinforce the best practices time and again.

He also pointed out that alongside the video chat feature, the ability to capture vital data allows for a more successful teaching process — before and after the negotiation itself allowing the professor to get a better perception of the students and the way they perceived things even before going into the negotiation. As the students prepare for a negation, they answer a set of questions providing the professor rare insight as to how the student is going to behave.

Such knowledge allows the professor to focus on individual students, in this case executives providing them a tailored teaching experience custom-made to the individual.

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