O que realmente precisamos saber em quantum computing?

Segue um artigo interessante, de Brian Siegelwax: Managerial Quantum Computing

Destaque para o seguinte trecho:

“After decades of research, there are still only three algorithms. Worried your competitors are getting ahead? They’re not. Your workforce could contribute to algorithm research, which is what I do, by the way, but they can get all caught up by mastering just three algorithms and reading some papers.”


Originally published at http://informacaoquantica.wordpress.com on January 13, 2022.




Publicação sobre projetos, ideias e fundações de Advanced Analytics: Excel. Matemática. Simulação. Computação quântica.

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Arnaldo Gunzi

Arnaldo Gunzi

Project Manager on Analytics and Innovation. “Samurai of Analytics”. Passionate about Combinatorial Optimization, Philosophy and Quantum Computing.

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