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Gitcoin integrates Idena to add Sybil resistance to Gitcoin grants

Gitcoin, a platform for open source developers and projects, has integrated Idena to make quadratic funding and Gitcoin grants resistant to bots.

The Idena integration is the result of an open source challenge held by Idena and Gitcoin. Now Gitcoin users that are validated with Idena, can increase their Trust bonus, an indicator that shows how real the person is, to get additional benefits.

Gitcoin grants allow anyone to fund open source projects, with quadratic funding matching contributions from the Ethereum Foundation and other partners. A higher Trust bonus gives Gitcoin users a higher match for their grant contributions.

Idena validated users are granted with 25% Trust bonus. We encourage the Idena community to make use of it by donating to any projects you like within Gitcoin Grants Round 9 ongoing until March 31st.

We invite Gitcoin donors to get validated with the non-KYC’ed Idena protocol to increase their Trust bonus for future Gitcoin Grants.

Our thanks to Gitcoin for their long-standing support and cooperation. Sharing Gitcoin values of decentralization and accessibility, we are happy to contribute to the anti-Sybil layer of the quadratic funding mechanism used by Gitcoin.


Idena is the first proof-of-person blockchain where every user has a cryptoidentity — one single account with equal voting power. Idena is currently one of the most decentralized blockchains: there are 6.2K full mining nodes linked to distinct people.

Users can get rewards and mine Idena coins if they verify their cryptoidentity. Idena does not require the disclosure of any personal data (no KYC). All users have to appear online at a certain time and solve a series of flip tests (human-made CAPTCHAs). It’s called a validation ceremony: a single person is not able to validate themselves multiple times since the validation window is open only for 2 minutes (read more about how to start using Idena).



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Proof-of-Person blockchain. Idena is a novel way to formalize people on the web: