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A new publication announcement

“the life of a designer is a life of fight: fight against the ugliness”.

A legend graphic designer Massimo Vignelli once said above. But today, not just as a designer but also as a global citizen facing climate crisis and so many social problems caused by excessive capitalism and consumerism, I want to add another fight: fight against exploitative giants.

Fight against capitalism through identity design

Graphic design is, as Ruben Pater’s book CAPS LOCK depicts, deeply linked with capitalism so that it seems to be impossible, or to someone even weird, to fight against capitalism through graphic design. But identity design, now used as a booster for consuming mass-products of multinational companies under the name of branding, used to simply identify individuals and small group. While creating identity design for people making positive impacts, I want to cast light on design projects for non-profits, small companies, and individuals who are shaping better world.
This is why I starts a new publication — good identity good.

It is certainly a small step aiming at fight against global system, but I believe even one small step may lead one giant leap for someone, design, or mankind(!)

For opening it I moved certain articles to the new publication, which seemed to be appropriate rather than putting here. I will continue writing on identity design, logo, and symbol here but in general, while collecting uniquely identity design projects for good on the new one. If you are also keen to see more good identity designs, but not for multinational oil company or exploitative fast fashion, you may be comfortable there. 👋



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Akihiro Takeuchi

Akihiro Takeuchi

Identity designer for people makes positive impacts.