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The boat’s bow

Inspired by the far north, the Jaktar is a boat manufacturing company based in Stockholm, Sweden. All their boats are not for vacance cruising in the Mediterranean, they are built to explore the hidden coastlines, fjords and rivers of the far north.The boat’s bow shaped logo was designed by Bedow.

The concept — Engineered for Exploration — captures the single truth at the heart of the company. It led to the development of the name, Jaktar, which has roots in seafaring exploration in the 19th century. The concept created a solid foundation for the brand, putting engineering and adventure at its core. The brand symbol forms a ‘J’ from the shape of the boat’s bow. The word mark, bespoke typeface and the angle device are all developed from the precisely engineered angles of the boat’s design. And the colour palette was chosen to blend into the natural environment, creating a solid, carefully engineered brand that’s built to last.

Color palette

A desaturated colour palette matches the natural environment the boat is made for, with a flash of orange inspired by life vests and buoys.


The precisely engineered angles of the boat form the basis of the brand — from the design of the word mark to the two typefaces, Jaktar Display and Jaktar Display Mono.


Louis Henry Sullivan, an American architect, once said: form follows functions. Then if it’s a product needs specific functions hence it has an unique form, why not having it as its visual identity? The Jaktar boat is the one. Their boats are for discovering the wild where other boats can’t so its bow is distinctive, personally I don’t see much the difference since I don’t know about boat though. And luckily, the bow can be described in the company’s name (moreover the initial!). Following the idea of the logo, the bespoke word mark and typeface also have the engineered angles, which might bring consistency to the brand. The brand colors were chosen from the nature and the materials around the brand. Everything is within the brand. They don’t just pick fancy trends. This is the very brand identity.

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