A Crypto-Comic Adventure!

Feb 25, 2019 · 2 min read

An exploration of crypto key storage via comic strip

Under the hood, blockchains are a complicated piece of technology, but imagining how they might become a part of our daily lives doesn’t have to be. For example, similar to how you use a password to access an account (such as your email or your bank account), crypto wallets also require a set of logins to be accessed. These are called keys, and a major challenge facing crypto designers and developers today is the question of how to manage crypto keys and keep them private and safe.

This past summer, a group of CoLab fellowsJennifer Ding, Audrey Levy, and Fahad Punjwani—created a comic to teach crypto key storage in simple terms and help create a strategy to keep your keys safe. How will you store your private keys? We hope these principles can help guide you on your own crypto adventure! Read on to learn more.

About the creators

  • Jennifer Ding massages data big and small at Numina. She’s into AI as a tool to help us human better.


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